Camping for individuals with special needs!                 

Corporate Information


Caglewood, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that serves people with developmental disabilities by teaching them life skills through camping trips and day programming activities. This programming is designed to enable our campers to become socially involved in their communities and be capable of living independently in the future. Caglewood desires to create a better world for everyone, and we plan to execute our mission by spreading love within the special needs population. We have targeted this population because these individuals often have difficulty expressing emotions, maintaining an active lifestyle, and living independently. Caglewood's goal is to teach these skills through unique, recreational programming. It is the educational aspect of the camp, placed in a nature setting, which makes Caglewood unique to other similar organizations.


Caglewood is led by a volunteer board of directors that lends vision and support to the organization. This board consists of professionals from diverse fields, and all members offer both time and financial support to Caglewood. The daily operations of the camp are managed by qualified volunteers including founders Paul and Jessica Freeman.

Caglewood strives to provide exceptional programming to our campers. Many organizations similar to Caglewood use low quality or second-hand materials and transportation in order to keep costs down. While individuals with special needs will rarely complain about such accommodations, we believe in providing them with the very best camping equipment, transportation, and meals. Thanks to sponsors like Continental Tire and the Georgia Power Foundation, as well as generous individual donations, we are able to provide our campers with a memorable experience.

Because many of our campers have medical and other conditions that often cause personal budgetary constraints, Caglewood strives to keep camper tuitions to a minimum and offers scholarship programs to allow those without the means to participate for free. It is because of individual donors and corporate sponsors who so selflessly contribute to our cause that we are able to provide enriching experiences to members of the special needs community and respite care for their caregivers.


Combined with various grants and camper tuitions, we are presently able to operate without borrowing additional funds. In 2009, we are preparing to launch into a new phase of our organization´┐Żs development that will allow the grants and donations generously bestowed upon Caglewood to facilitate the purchase of property where we can operate a permanent camp. In the next several years, donations will take on an increased importance as we strive to develop a camp site where we can more effectively implement our unique mission of enhancing every aspect of the lives of people with special needs. With the continued support of individual and corporate sponsors, Caglewood will have the means to enhance the experiences of our devoted campers.